This is me, Graham Goddard.

I got into coaching when my son started playing football, joined a local side, and they needed a volunteer to coach the team.

Coaching, as I’ve quickly discovered, isn’t easy! I don’t profess to know the answers, but I’m willing to learn. Twitter has put me in touch with coaches of all levels up and down the country. It’s shown me there are a great number of progressive coaches who recognise the flaws in the outdated methods used for many years when coaching kids in this country, and are doing their bit to make a positive change for the future of the game.

I intend to use this blog to share my thoughts and experiences on this journey of discovery. With any luck, this blog will resonate with the great majority of ordinary men and women, who like me are volunteering their time to allow the next generation of footballers to foster a life-long love of the game.

In addition to this blog I also designed and administer the website for my local grass roots club. You can check it out here Mytchett Athletic FC

You can also follow me on Twitter @GrahamTwo

Thanks for reading



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