Coaching Players Aged 7 to 9

Reproduced from “Developing Youth Football Players” by Horst Wein.

Children aged 7 to 9 have some significant characteristics.

  • They lack fine motor skills.
  • Their movements are usually whole-body actions with little accuracy.
  • They have short bursts of energy and enthusiasm.
  • They are still developing coordination and they are still clumsy.
  • They play or participate for fun and for enjoyment.
  • Their actions are not yet automatic or programmed.
  • They are unsure what actions lead to success at a skill.
  • They see every detail as being important.
  • They are uncertain in their actions and in how to achieve desired outcomes.
  • They lack a clear idea or model of a new skill.
  • They cannot follow too many instructions or handle too much information at one time.
  • They are unable to use feedback effectively.

By being aware of these traits, coaches can tailor their teaching to meet young players’ characteristics and needs.

Tailoring Coaching Practices to Match Characteristics



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